No Deal comes closer

  1. Boris goes for the jugular to squeeze the Remainer rebels.
    • new Queen’s Speech on October 14th means the 22 sitting days until Brexit Deadline Day now becomes just 5 before the EU Council Summit on 17th October
  2. This will force the anti-No Deal crew to reveal their hand.
    • Which Conservatives would face career suicide to open the door to a Corbyn government?
    • Which Labour MPs would defy their divisive leader to ensure Brexit is delivered?
    • And which method will they try to stop what cannot be stopped?
  3. Next week Team Boris will then have the information to ensure the final 10 sitting days after the Queen’s Speech will give them the mandate to deliver Brexit, deal or no Deal.
  4. The market will also then become clear on just how difficult it will be to ‘prevent’ No Deal.
    • Our analysis shows neither a Corbyn-led nor Alternative-anti-No-Dealer can command confidence of the house.
    • Our assessment of parliamentary procedure shows there is only one path to an extension.
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