The Day Today 16th August 2019

– Trump comments on China “they very much want to make a deal” amid talk of China retaliation
– Fed’s Kashkari “I am leaning towards the camp of ‘yes we need to give more stimulus‘”
– New Zealand manufacturing contracted, first time in 7 years, with a 48.2 reading on PMI
– RBNewZealand governor defends their independence and talked about “global and domestic low inflation expectations”
– Singapore exports continue to fall although not as much as forecast this time, -11.2% YoY vs forecast -15.2%
– North Korea fires more projectiles and says talks with South Korea are over
– Nvidia shares rise after earnings

Asian equity markets move higher despite trade tensions. US 30 year bond yield falls below 2% and yields on other safe haven bond markets, such as New Zealand, follow suit

The Week That Will Be

On this day in 1819 the Peterloo Massacre took place when cavalry charged into a crowd of >60 000 who were demanding parliamentary reform. Its immediate effect was to see reform curtailed and the Manchester Guardian founded but it led to enfranchisement of the working class

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