Back to the Backstop

Listen here for a 2 minute clip from our Irish Border expert on why talk of the Backstop is more likely to be in preparation for No Deal than a Deal:


Optimism over a Brexit Deal is rising because:

  1. Boris and the DUP are talking about an “all-Ireland” approach
    • Breathless anticipation that if they would deviate from the UK, then that could mean they would accept the backstop
  2. Boris is thought to be so wounded
    • Amber Rudd lambasted him for failing to look like he even wanted a Deal
    • He can stick to his pledge not to send that Extension Letter if he gets a Deal passed
    • The Scottish Court ruling that his advice to the Queen to prorogue was unlawful
  3. The EU spot an opportunity
    • Here’s a quick solution Boris – pick up Theresa May’s Deal and her original Northern-Ireland-only Backstop!

We believe this is misplaced, largely due to a misunderstanding over why Boris is focused on agricultural and food checks. Listen to the clip above to find out more!

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