The Day Today 10th October 2019

– US/China deputy level trade talks “made no progress” and would be cut short reported the South China Morning Post, SCMP
– A White House official interviewed by Kayla Tausche of CNBC said of the SCMP article “we are not aware of a change” and this was taken as a denial
– New York Times reports licences will be given to some US companies to supply Huawei
– White House currency pact and tariff increase suspension a possibility reports Bloomberg
– White House looks at ways of cracking down on contraband from China
– Fed minutes last night showed that their statistical models see an increased likelihood of a recession
– Apple pulls police tracking app in Hong Kong
– Bed Bath & Beyond poach new CEO

US equities closed higher. Asian equities initially fell on SCMP article then rose on NYT article, also in the mix were Fox news saying the talks would be cut short

The Week That Will Be ECB minutes at 12:30 today

On this day in 1980 Lady Thatcher made her famous “the lady’s not for turning” speech

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