The Day Today 27th November 2019

– Although president Trump had said the US/China trade deal is in its “final throes” he later said “I’m holding it up…we have to make a deal where we do much better”
– China industrial profits fell 9.9% yoy
– Under new plans proposed by the Trump administration the US commerce secretary would be able to block technology imports that posed a threat
– UK election: SNP manifesto launched later as Nicola Sturgeon pledges to protect Scotland from Tories; here the BBC looks at some of the big names facing a potentially tough election night, from Boris Johnson and other cabinet ministers through to the Scottish Labour deputy leader, Lesley Laird, and even Dennis Skinner and Jo Swinson of the Liberal Democrats

More fresh highs in US equity markets while Asian markets were more mixed as Trump says “we’re in the final throes of a very important deal”
Swedish Trade Bal 8:30am, ECB’s Lane 9:30am, US Durable Goodies 1:30pm, Chicago PMI 2:45pm, Fed’s Beige Book 7pm, YouGov MRP poll released 10pm
Tonight’s YouGov poll will be very closely looked at considering it correctly forecast the 2017 hung parliament, even down to the level of predicting Kensington & Chelsea and Canterbury would be won by the Labour Party
“History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes”, this is how Martin Wolf starts off his FT article on looking at history as a guide to the “biggest current geopolitical event…friction between the US and China”. He likens “Donald Trump’s erratic leadership” to that of “Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm”

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The Week That Will Be

On this day in 1967 French President, Charles de Gaulle, vetoed Britain joining the Common Market for the second time

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