The Day Today 28th November 2019

– Trump signed the Hong Kong bill requiring the State Department to certify annually that HK has enough autonomy for favourable US trading terms and a second bill banning exports of crowd control munitions, Beijing summoned the US Ambassador and vowed “firm countermeasures”
– UK election: YouGov MRP poll has Conservatives on 68 seat majority, Cons 359 (+42), Lab 211 (-51), LD 13 (+1) (see below); Labour change their election strategy and move activists to Leave areas, the perceived Lib Dem threat was over emphasised

US equities surge as US economic data strengthens. Asian equity markets were mixed
Thanksgiving, German Inflation 1pm, ECB Coeure 4:35pm

Latest Premium Insight:
Conservative Majority – YouGov MRP Poll; their data tables actually show a larger majority but this is most likely down to lack of decimals in public data an indication in itself of how knife edge some seats will be. Labour look set to fall to their lowest seat share since Michael Foot’s disaster in 1983
The Week That Will Be

On this day in 1814 The Times becomes the first newspaper to be produced on a steam-powered printing press

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