The Day Today 4th November 2019

– Wilbur Ross, US Commerce secretary, “quite optimistic” on America/China trade talks, the “phase one”
– President Trump has invited Asian leaders to a “special summit” although he missed the weekend’s ASEAN summit
– New Zealand announced an upgrade to its free trade deal with China
– UK general election sees health bosses warn against using the NHS as a “political weapon”
– Australian Retail Sales weak, 0.2% vs f/c 0.5%
– Saudi Aramco IPO officially kicked off yesterday in what could be the largest on record
– Westpac raising A$2.5bn to plug a balance sheet hole

Record high closes for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq on Friday. Asian equity markets rose although Japan was closed for a holiday. Global equities have had four weeks of gains.
Earnings this week include Uber, SoftBank, Disney. Several European PMIs this morning, starting with France at 8:50am
There’s still plenty more UK political shenanigans, today sees an election in the House of Commons for the role of speaker

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On this day 1980 Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter in a landslide, electoral college 489 to 49 and nearly 10% in the popular vote

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