General Election – All You Need To Know

For a full guide to the evening, with expected seat declaration times, key stats and a brief description of each seat, click here for the PDF and here for the Excel spreadsheet.

10pm: Exit Poll

By 11pm: Houghton and Sunderland South

  • Earliest declaration for an at-risk Labour Leave seat.
  • BM Winnability ranking (-15 easy to win / +15 hard to win): +3
  • The Winnability score suggests that if seats in one category are being won, then seats with the same score should be too
  • If the Conservatives win all seats up to +1, they have a majority

By 1am: Workington (+3)

  • The nation’s bellwether

By 2am: Wrexham (+7)

  • Conservative victory here would point to landslide

By 2.30am: Angus (+3)

  • Can the Conservatives hold onto Scottish Remain seats?

By 3am:

  • Great Grimsby (+1)
    • Essential to Conservative Majority
  • Wimbledon (+2)
    • At risk Conservative Remain seat
  • Eastbourne (-7)
    • Conservatives’ Most Winnable seat
  • Esher and Walton (-2)
    • Dominic Raab to provide Portillo moment in an LD win?

By 4am: Cheltenham (+7)

  •  One of the most at risk Conservative Remain seats

By 4.30am: Uxbridge & South Ruislip (-8)

  • BoJo v Lord Buckethead v Count Binface

By 5am: Bradford South (+5)

  • Labour Leave seat

By 6am: Finchley and Golders Green (+6)

  • Conservatives v Luciana Berger

…For the complete timetable of what seats to watch and when, click here to see the full spreadsheet below…

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