Elevenses 14th January 2020

– Iran nuclear deal sees dispute mechanism triggered by UK, France and Germany
– US/EU trade negotiations, can EU’s Phil Hogan ease the tensions just as the US become focussed on the EU
– ECB’s Mersch thinks the economy is responding to stimulus, “the economy is certainly giving good signs of stabilisation…the same goes a little bit for inflation”
– Irish snap general election called for February 8th
– Lithium producer shares rally as China says there will be no further cuts to electric car subsidies
– Endeavour Mining (Canada) ends talks with Centamin (UK Listed) as information received in the due diligence process was “insufficient”
– German prosecutors charge six Volkswagen executives with fraud
– Elizabeth Warren accused Bernie Sanders of telling her a woman cannot win the White House
– The world runs a trade surplus, 86% of this is the EU, logically this is impossible? The Kiel Institute and Ifo Institute say the most plausible explanation is VAT fraud on a grand scale
– Europe’s demographic time bomb in some great charts from the FT here

Equities fluctuate, pulled off the lows as JPMorgan topped profit and trading revenue estimates

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