The Day Today 13th February 2020

– China’s Hubei province saw a record rise in the coronavirus death toll as a new diagnostic method is used, with leaders in the province replaced for their handling of the outbreak
– China replaces top Hong Kong affairs official, Zhang Xiaoming, with a senior leader pulled from retirement
– UK house prices rose at fastest in three years, RICS +17 from -2
– Cisco saw a 4% slide in revenue, shares fell 5% in the after market, the company blamed global economic and geopolitical uncertainties
– MGM scraps earnings guidance on coronavirus fallout, chief executive Jim Murren steps down
– Airbus will slow the pace of growth in commercial aircraft deliveries to stabilise the production system

US equity markets closed at record highs.
UK cabinet reshuffle today, more women expected to join Boris’ team. The change in coronavirus cases reported was in line with what experts had been saying, i.e. the cases were 10-25 times under reported this was estimated by extrapolating numbers from cases outside China

The Week That Will Be

On this day in 1692 the Massacre of Glencoe took place, where 80 MacDonalds at Glen Coe, Scotland were killed in the early morning for not promptly pledging allegiance to the king

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