The Day Today 19th July 2021

  • Fed Kashkari said in an NPR interview; “The US economy went through a very abrupt shutdown…now it’s going through a reopening, and you’re seeing many sectors of the economy struggle…I’m not seeing any evidence yet that we’re going to have sustained high inflation”.
  • US Surgeon General concerned Covid-19 “misinformation is still spreading like wildfire”; “this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated”.
  • Covid vaccine may be losing efficacy in older people, say researchers in Israel.
  • Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are now isolating; restrictions are lifted in England today but the PM urged the public “please be cautious”.
  • OPEC+ reached a deal to gradually increase oil supplies (400,000 bpd added monthly) and give UAE and others higher baselines.
  • Australia’s Victoria state will extend lockdown.
  • Indonesia has the world’s highest daily Covid death toll with 1,093 fatalities through midday Sunday, hospitals are overwhelmed, lockdown due to end tomorrow may be extended.
  • Ocado fire at fulfilment centre on Friday means thousands of orders cancelled, it happened after three robots collided.

The S&P 500 closed down 0.8% on Friday and Asian markets also dropped this morning, seems virus outbreaks and inflation worries took their toll.

The Week That Will Be

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    MPC members are now falling over themselves to make speeches…

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On this day in 1983 the first three dimensional reconstruction of a human head via Computed Tomography (CT) was published.

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