Below is a list of our regular contributors:


Gill contributes to articles and writes her regular piece ‘A View from Brussels’ to keep all clients and ourselves up to date with the happenings within the EU. Gill is a former journalist who worked for over a decade in Brussels, and prior to that for the credit department within two European banks. Upon her return to the UK, Gill took up a staff position at The European School in Oxford. Inspired by those students around her, in 2015 she decided to study for a part-time Master’s Degree from Bristol University in Translation.

View From Brussels Pt 1

View From Brussels Pt 2

View From Brussels Pt 3


Our correspondent from across the Irish sea has almost three decades of experience working in the City on various foreign exchange trading floors. He is a proud Orangeman and is always on hand to us to provide the view from the frontline of FX or from Belfast should the need arise.

Could Ireland Derail Brexit

‘NW6 Penguin’

Named after a penguin brought back from Antarctica, this eponymous contributor has an extensive financial experience. Working as a credit stratergist in the city on a hedging desk, Penguin has experience across a number of international banks. He has and will continue to contribute his unique insight into the credit world to give our readers a much broader view of the financial markets.

Credit: A Market of Inches


Ralph Gleichmann founded Independent Investments AG in 2008 and has been their Chief Investment Officer since the inception. Based between Switzerland and Brazil, Ralph offers a rare insight into both South American and European markets. Educated in Germany at Wendenstrasse Hamburg, Ralph now frequently teaches classes at the ESCP in Madrid. Previously he has served as a Director at Merill Lynch and Dresdner Bank in Germany, Brazil and Switzerland.

A Little Riddle


MarioMoney is a Fixed Income analyst based in London. Educated in both the UK and Italy, he has just under a decade of experience working for one of the world’s largest fund management companies. As an Italian native he is passionate about history, economic and pizza – the perfect combination to decipher the murky world of Italian politics.

Hard and Low

Una Estate Italiana

Fratelli D’Italia