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Italy – Hard and Low

The latest on Italy from our specialist MarioMoney suggests that PM Conte played a blinder. The likeliest outcome now is a 5*/PD alliance, followed by a technocrat government to get the budget passed,

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Ode To The Union

Boris’ first official letter to the EU couldn’t be clearer. The backstop must go, because:

  1. It hives off Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK
  2. It leaves Northern Ireland in a relationship with the EU that the UK doesn’t want
  3. It contravenes the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement

– Instead,

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The Week That Will Be (18th August 2019)

This week we will find out:

  1. When is Italy heading to elections? – PM Conte makes speech to Italian Parliament Tuesday
  2. What excuse will be used for Central Bank stimulus this time? 

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Una Estate Italiana – MarioMoney explains all

Our Italy specialist, MarioMoney, has put together the attached report to explain why Italy now faces a potential snap election and what happens next.

In summary:

  • Salvini has finally decided to take action with a No Confidence vote
    • The coalition could not continue – cracks had been evident for some time
    • Success of the League in EU Elections has been sustained in polls
  • A snap election is now likely to .

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