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The Deal that is No Deal – Part 3

++ A Deal must look likely in order to remove the threat of the Benn Bill. But a transition period can’t achieve Boris’ ultimate goals ++

  1. Current manoeuvres to agree a Deal are designed primarily to remove the obligations of the Benn Bill
    • If a Deal is close,

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The Week That Will Be (13th October 2019)

This week we will find out:

  1. Will the UK leave the EU on 31st October with No Deal? – Yes. The Deal on the horizon is designed not to pass Parliament whilst exposing Labour’s inconsistent Brexit position of facing both ways.

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++ Any Deal will fail in Parliament. But this time it will expose Labour’s woeful Brexit position, kibosh the Extension Bill, lead to No Deal and set up the UK/EU FTA ++

At the time of writing we have little more than insinuation and innuendo over a potential Brexit Deal.

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Squaring Circles Part 3

When an electorate is polarised, it makes political sense to pick a side. As Maggie said, “Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous, you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides”.

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