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The Week That Will Be (10th May 2020)

We are still in the hiatus where bad data is “the past” and huge monetary and fiscal interventions encourage optimism about “the future”. It will take until July/August/September for the future to become the present reality.

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The Recession That Can’t Be Priced – Part 2

Today’s undoubtedly dreadful US employment report will confirm two things: firstly that we are in the worst recession of our lifetimes, and secondly that its economic damage will leave a long scar from which it will be hard to recover.

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Whatever it takes?

  • Today the German constitutional court clipped the wings of the ECB, ruling that QE took them too far into economic, rather than monetary, policy.
    • For more on how this curtails ECB powers,

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Europe: Budget or Fudge it

++ Europe will survive its latest existential challenge. The EU Budget and Article 122(2) provide the means, the coronacrisis the opportunity. The motive has and always will be ever-closer union ++

BlondeMoney welcomes our new contributor to explain all. 

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