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Brexit Negotiations

  1. Both sides are readying their troops ahead of the start of official UK/EU trade negotiations in March
    • The UK position is zero tariffs but also zero alignment
    • The EU position is zero tariffs requires full alignment
  2. This is – unsurprisingly – polarised due to the political optics
    • The UK want Brexit to mean freedom
      • Or what was the point in bothering?

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The Week That Will Be (19th January 2020)

This week we will find out:

  1. How much monetary & fiscal stimulus will come in 2020? – BOJ (Tues), Bank of Canada (Weds), ECB (Thurs), Davos Panel (Fri)
  2. How are the markets doing? 

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++ Nicola Sturgeon is capitalising on her short window of opportunity to push for independence. She can argue SNP success in the General Election provides a mandate for indyref2 but she needs momentum before Alex Salmond’s trial takes over the headlines in March.

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