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Yvette Cooper and Oliver Letwin again attempt to take control of Parliamentary business for the third time. However, instead of another series of indicative votes, Cooper has presented her own legally binding Bill aimed at forcing the Prime Minister to extend Article 50 and avoid No Deal next Friday (Parliament has published their own explainer here).

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Something Has Changed? Part II

  • Theresa May’s statement tonight after a mammoth 7 hour Cabinet meeting confirms next steps:
    • She opens up talks with Jeremy Corbyn to find a joint deal to put to Parliament
    • If that fails,

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Indicative Votes

  • Speaker Bercow has selected 4 Choices for the next round of Indicative Votes:
  • Unsurprisingly they are all “Remainer” options, with the last one referring to a beefed up version of last week’s “Revoke if No Deal”
  • Labour and the SNP have said they will whip for Nick Boles and Stephen Kinnock’s Common Market 2.0
  • Last time this was defeated 188 v 283 but wasn’t a whipped vote (Labour merely “encouraged” voting for it .

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Fool’s Errand

Oliver Letwin takes control of Parliament’s business agenda today to allow for another series of indicative votes. Although these votes are non-binding, should Parliament coalesce around a softer Brexit, PM May may have found a way to get her Brexit deal through.

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