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After the May-hem

  1. Yes the government won a vote that it proposed but then whipped to lose
  2. This is because a cross-party amendment passed by four votes that didn’t just rule out a No Deal at the end of the month,

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The Votes

We have gone through the voting record, speeches and website of each and every MP. If the votes proceed as scheduled, we believe there is a 50% chance of stalemate by Thursday evening.

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What Have We Learnt this Week?

Central Banks can play politics too

Technically you already knew this, as you follow the BlondeMoney output, but with a world still hung up on a decade of quantitative easing it’s not always easy to spot. 

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The Catalyst for the Crisis

“This story tells you what the risks are: you’ve got to understand the equities, the operations, the liquidity, rolling each quarter… so much stuff. So you try to put a computer in to make the decisions…[it looks at] the best proxy basket based on liquidity and correlation to the underlying basket…

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