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The Week That Will Be (3 November 2019)

This week we will find out:

  1. How uncertain is the outcome of the UK election? – Very.
  2. How much more stimulus will come? – BOE Inflation Report (Thurs) and RBA SoMP (Fri)
  3. How much do the Trade Wars hurt? 

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Activate the Farage

Wednesday: The Brexit Party might pull out of contesting all seats and instead focus on northern Labour Leave constituencies, in order that they don’t split the Brexit vote with the Conservatives.

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The Day Today 31st October 2019

–  Fed cuts rates 25bp as exp, no longer “contemplates the future path” for rates but instead “assesses the appropriate path” in its statement
– Powell: “current stance likely to remain appropriate as long as [economy] remains broadly consistent with our outlook”

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Election/Extension Part 3

  1. And so, absent a kerfuffle in the House of Lords, there will be a UK General Election on Thursday 12 December
  2. Two-thirds of the House agreed to this,

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