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Brexit latest

Remember, all Brexit developments must feed into the Team Boris plan: Engender a crisis that leads to a decision between “No Deal” and “Revoke” in order to fight the next election as “The People vs The Establishment”.

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ECB QE is here again

And so, No. 7 in our Top Ten predictions for the year should come to pass today with renewed QE from the ECB. Mario Draghi’s penultimate meeting is his last chance to meet his mandate before bowing out after eight years as head of the ECB. 

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Italy – The Establishment Strikes Back

The latest on the new 5SM/PD Coalition government from our man MarioMoney suggests:

  • The PD have effected a reverse takeover
    • PD Ministers dominate the economic portfolios
    • 5SM Di Maio sidelined
  • Conte is now the main 5SM man
    • No Vice-Presidents,

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Squaring Circles

How to square this circle, Exhibit A:

  • Boris has pronounced that he will take the UK out of the EU on 31st October come what may.
  • But now Parliament have legislated to require an extension by 19th October.

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