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Whatever it takes?

  • Today the German constitutional court clipped the wings of the ECB, ruling that QE took them too far into economic, rather than monetary, policy.
    • For more on how this curtails ECB powers,

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Europe: Budget or Fudge it

++ Europe will survive its latest existential challenge. The EU Budget and Article 122(2) provide the means, the coronacrisis the opportunity. The motive has and always will be ever-closer union ++

BlondeMoney welcomes our new contributor to explain all. 

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The Week That Will Be (3rd May 2020)

This week will provide a perfect juxtaposition of the two forces acting upon financial markets, with central banks signalling more cheap money whilst economic data and earnings reports signal severe economic distress.

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The Week That Will Be (26th April 2020)

The big three central banks this week will bask in the market response to their interventions and signal their ability to do “whatever it takes” to prevent a recession turning into a depression.

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