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Urs(ul)a Major or Minor?

++ The vote tonight will be a signal of the power shift in Europe. Power is fragmenting. Into the vacuum, crises will occur over Brexit and Italy, with the ECB finally stepping in to take control ++

  • By 6pm London time we should know if Ursula von der Leyen has managed to secure a majority of votes from the European Parliament to enable her to become Commission President
  • 374 is the magic number,

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The Week That Will Be (14th July 2019)

The Week That Will Be
This week we will find out:

  1. How much anti-establishment sentiment lies within the European Union? – European Parliament vote on Ursula von der Leyen,

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Vote, Rinse, Repeat

The Prime Minister looks to be heading inexorably towards No Deal as Parliament lobs procedural hand grenades to prevent inutterable catastrophe. A divided nation festers angrily as frustrated MPs foment silent rebellion.

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