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A Labour of Love

Over the weekend, 3 Labour MPs went public in the papers to say they will defy the Labour Whip and vote for PM May’s Chequers’ deal to avoid a ‘No Deal’ scenario:

They are:

  1. Caroline Flint,

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Why is the Backstop such an Issue?

+++ The backstop was created to help move negotiations forward. But it has created a noose around the PM’s neck. Crunch time is now whether the UK government can survive,

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Slow Motion Jigsaw Puzzle

“We now have Black Swan price action on White Swan information”. That’s been the BlondeMoney mantra this year. And so it continues…

1. Bond outflows

The spike in US 10 year yields through the supposedly panicky 3% level has barely (yet) touched the stock market.

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US 10 year yields not only above 3%, or 3.10% but now 3.20%. We have had the biggest one-day rise in yields since the election of DJT. We’ve had the biggest one-day fall in EM equities since the Brexit-induced scare of 2016.

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You know you can rely on BlondeMoney to cut through the bluster, and Lord knows there has been a lot of it lately. You can barely move for a British politician of any persuasion telling you “there simply isn’t a majority in Parliament for [insert their opponent’s view]“.

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