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Maastricht Mark II

Volatility is low, little is expected to change, and Brexit risks appear to be all wrapped up into a nice tidy extension. As the world realised in 2008, risks can be higher than the recent past might suggest.

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What Did We Learn Tonight?

  1. MPs really really want to tell you they’re against No Deal
    • The SNP’s primal scream that the House is “determined not to leave [without a Deal] under any circumstances” did far better than any of their previous amendments,

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Nothing. Has. Changed? Part III

  1. Something has changed, in that the 12th March vote has now become a three-part vote over three days:
    • 12 March: Meaningful Vote on TM’s Deal
    • If that fails,

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The Independent Group

  1. The Independent Group now has 11 MPs, one more than the DUP and equal to the Liberal Democrats
  2. Make no mistake, this is a significant moment in British politics.

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