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Brexit Explained

As we head into the thick of UK-EU negotiations, it’s tough to see the detail in the fudgey murk. The BBC did its best last night with a Panorama summary of the situation,

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Same Old Same Old

It sure is strangely quiet out there. Tragic anniversaries come thick and fast this week. A time for sombre reflection. Meanwhile the macro world keeps delivering us the same messages:


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You Read It Here First…

The summer is almost over, and you, Dear Reader, are ready. You know that the market is primed for self-destruction, wound up into an unbalanced frenzy by Perma QE and the passive money momentum machine. And you know that it takes only one match to light the fuse. You know we will see Black Swan price action on White Swan events. So what's the event going to be?

One word, 6 letters, 2 syllables. Sounds like a Latin past participle for the verb "Brexere", meaning rupture with one's closest trading partner.

But just in case you weren . . .

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No Deal or No Deal?

Before we get onto Brexit, which BlondeMoney knows you’re all going to love, here’s the final word on Jackson Hole today.

  1. Powell is not an academic.
  2. He does short press conferences.

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