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Something Has Changed? Part II

  • Theresa May’s statement tonight after a mammoth 7 hour Cabinet meeting confirms next steps:
    • She opens up talks with Jeremy Corbyn to find a joint deal to put to Parliament
    • If that fails,

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Indicative Votes

  • Speaker Bercow has selected 4 Choices for the next round of Indicative Votes:
  • Unsurprisingly they are all “Remainer” options, with the last one referring to a beefed up version of last week’s “Revoke if No Deal”
  • Labour and the SNP have said they will whip for Nick Boles and Stephen Kinnock’s Common Market 2.0
  • Last time this was defeated 188 v 283 but wasn’t a whipped vote (Labour merely “encouraged” voting for it .

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Fool’s Errand

Oliver Letwin takes control of Parliament’s business agenda today to allow for another series of indicative votes. Although these votes are non-binding, should Parliament coalesce around a softer Brexit, PM May may have found a way to get her Brexit deal through.

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We keep on coming back to this chart. It explains everything about the Brexit process and why we are where we are.

For those who don’t remember it: We ranked every single MP on their Brexit ideology from -15 the most Remain to +15 the most Leave based on 23 independent criteria,

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