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Indicative of What?

Last night our CEO Helen Thomas took on Newsnight’s whiteboard as part of a panel of experts tasked with explaining the way ahead for Brexit. Everyone agreed a General Election was on the cards,

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Parliament Takes Control

  1. Government loses Cooper/Letwin Amendment, 329 v 302 (our prediction 331 v 308), with three government ministers resigning and 30 Tory rebels (our prediction 33)
  2. This means that Wednesday’s business will be set by Parliament,

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Another Day Another Vote

Tonight will be the chance that some MPs have been waiting for. The Govt will lay a motion which acknowledges their previous statement and MPs have been allowed to propose amendments.

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This is Not Normal

  1. Bond market volatility, as measured by the MOVE Index, has hit the lowest levels since the index was created in 1988
  2. Foreign exchange volatility in the major pairs,

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