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The Most Winnable Seat

++ For more information on our General Election Constituency Database please email us ++

The most winnable seat for the Conservative Party is Eastbourne

  • Currently Liberal Democrat
  • Majority of only 1,609 votes,

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Good Times

  1. Powell yesterday reinforced the Clarida view: with full employment but little inflation, and with growth risks to the downside, cut rates early and cut them often
    • ‘persistent below target inflation could lead to an unwelcome downward slide in longer-term inflation expectations’
    • It…may be that the neutral rate of interest is lower than we have been thinking and that therefore our policy is less accommodative than we have been thinking’
    • the risk of lower inflation is actually greater than the risk of higher inflation at the .

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Spain Election Result

++ Sanchez’s gamble didn’t pay off. He loses 3 seats compared to the result in April. The right-wing is resurgent. But neither bloc holds a majority. Stalemate continues ++


  1. The right-wing parties
    • A remarkable resurrection for Rajoy’s old party,

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