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“Legally Prohibit” is meaningless

  • Much excitement after a ‘Downing Street source’ told the Telegraph that the new Withdrawal Agreement Bill “will legally prohibit the Government agreeing to any extension” of the 31st December 2020 deadline for trade talks
  • We already knew several concessions in the previous WAB would be removed
    • Boris no longer needs the votes and can concentrate power into his hands
  • But the .

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Northern Ireland MPs Prediction

  • The DUP lose Belfast South (Emma Little-Pengelly) to SDLP due to the SDLP/SF pact, but then pick up North Down which was Sylvia Hermon’s old seat
  • Sinn Fein lose one seat to the SDLP in Foyle
  • SF abstentions will make 321 the number of MPs required for a majority

The seats to watch:

Belfast South (Emma Little-Pengelly) changing hands to the SDLP from DUP
Belfast North (Nigel Dodds) the pact sees just three parties now running where there were six last time.

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