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Spring in His Step

Fiscal Phil delivered his Spring Statement with all the gusto of a man whose other nickname is “Spreadsheet Phil”. In other words, cautious optimism mixed with the driest of wit.

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Credit: Increasingly a Market of Inches

Another new contributor to BlondeMoney for you all to enjoy! NW6Penguin is the moniker of our own credit specialist. They have experience across 2 international banks in a career spanning over 2 decades.

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Reasons to be Cheerful

Sometimes, there is good news. It may not pan out that way in the longer term, but markets are all about the balance of probabilities, and a surprise to the upside needs to be factored in as much as a surprise to the downside.

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Now Let’s See What the Market is Made of

We have weathered the volatility market storm. Italy’s election win for anti-establishment parties who seek to reform if not replace the Eurozone’s institutions was but a momentary fly in the ointment.

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