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There was only really one big surprise last year: volatility. Or rather, the entire lack of it. The VIX index printed its lowest level ever. And the low volatility was persistent.

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Wishing you…

A Very Blonde Christmas!

Before you go off for your festive glüg, we could talk about the Catalonia election result. We could say that it reinforces the battle that Prime Minister Rajoy faces at the national level.

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Singing from the Same Song Sheet

Ahead of today’s UK Cabinet meeting, the Brexit Subcommittee met yesterday. Their brief, 90 minute discussion, was about the end state for the UK once it has left the EU.

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Not Your Average Fed Meeting

For all the talk of the dots and the projections and the statement and whether Janet will be wearing a polka dot blouse, this is a Fed meeting like no other.

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