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No Deal is the Default Position

Here we go then, the final straight as we bowl into Brexit.

It’s true that “there is no majority for No Deal“. It’s also true that there is no majority for anything else.

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2019: Let’s Do This

To celebrate the first 12 months of BlondeMoney’s Political Highlights report, CLICK HERE for our yearly summary of 2018 and what to look out for 2019:

  1. GBP Currency Crisis
  2. UK General Election
  3. UK Government of National Unity
  4. President Trump disavows Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve Chair
  5. President Trump makes Ivanka his permanent Chief of Staff
  6. Brazil .

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The team here at BlondeMoney is a level-headed bunch. We spent our Christmas break talking to politicians, traders, scientists (and even our families) as we delved for clues for the way ahead for financial markets.

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The Contagion of Probability Part 3

  1. The Fed tonight and in less than 3 weeks we have swung from the euphoric post G20 Trump/China 90 day tariff freeze funfest of SPX near 2,800 to the depths of doom Fed-must-never-hike-again-or-face-recession of the current level just above 2,500.

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