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Scores On The Doors

Another leg lower in the Turkish lira overnight, dragging down with it a whole bunch of other EM currencies. Measures announced by the Central Bank stopped the rot briefly, and USD/TRY now sits in the middle of a delightful 6.40-7.20 range.

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From Unreliable to Irrelevant

BlondeMoney View:

BlondeMoney Bank of England call: unchanged. GBP to fall whatever happens.

  1. The unreliable boyfriend is the ultimate politician. His term ends in 11 months.

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The Last Jedi

With last night’s Bank of Japan meeting, Kuroda joins Draghi in battling it out to appear as a hologram to Kylo Deflation Ren. They’re bowing out of the fight from a bygone age.

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Pendulums and Swans Pt 2

Oh but we just all want to enjoy this summer heatwave and ignore everything don’t we? That would mean we would miss a very enlightening signal.

Yesterday, Facebook’s share price fell by 20%.

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