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Now Let’s See What the Market is Made of

We have weathered the volatility market storm. Italy’s election win for anti-establishment parties who seek to reform if not replace the Eurozone’s institutions was but a momentary fly in the ointment.

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Lend Me Your Ear….

Rather than the usual words of wisdom, instead we serve up an aural feast for your delight and delectation. Or at least, for you to enjoy on your morning commute.

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And so The Donald is making good on another campaign promise, with his tariff plans for steel and aluminium. Is it merely bluff designed both to bend NAFTA renegotiations to his will and to provide a distraction from the ongoing Mueller probe?

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Germany and Italy – All You Need to Know

Sunday brings the results of two important political events in Germany and Italy. Here’s our wrap:


It’s crunch time. Germany has been without a proper government for almost six months.

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View From Brussels Pt 2

Here is the latest monthly View From Brussels from our woman on the ground, the ear-to-the-strasse WriteMoney. She’s been talking to her contacts in the EU to gain an exclusive personal insight into their views…

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