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That was the Week that Will Be

Yes a deliberate humdinger of a Schrodinger’s grammatical mash-up as we face the week ahead. North Korea, Brexit, Fed, ECB, BOJ, Inflation, S&P quarterly re-balancing… it’s all here. We could go through each and tell you what we think will happen.

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Wobbles a-go-go as we head into the end of the week. To wit:
1. BRexit
Much fanfare over very little as erstwhile resigner-in-chief David Davis taunts us with his Ross-and-Rachel threats to walk out if he doesn’t get what he wants.

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Pendulums and Swans

After all of last week’s hullaballoo, how are we left? We know that once again the movement in the price of assets can be breathtaking in its speed and magnitude.

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Risk Is The Trigger – Pt 2

Just a reminder of that diagram from Part 1, for those who might have missed it (how could you!):

We flagged up Italy’s new government formation as another risk that we were already aware of,

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