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Traders’ Market

A traders’ market is a bit like a Farmers’ Market, only with less of the artisanal and organic and more of the shouting and swearing. Less Sunday morning stroll through leafy Fulham,

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Driving Mr. Unreliable

Hot off the press for you this morning, here is a ten minute podcast between the FT and BlondeMoney on what is driving FX markets. Don’t worry, no subscription (to either FT or BM) required!

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Let the Sunshine In

Coming from a background in FX and Rates, BlondeMoney is usually more at home in the land of gloom. Growing up around wizened market hands who spoke in reverent tones about the days of the Plaza Accord and how they were smoking a cigarette as Soros pummelled the pound,

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Back in the day, we used to chant “woot woot” quite happily. No, our trading floor wasn’t full of Dungeons & Dragons fans but it was keen on the acronym for the World Of One Trade.

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