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Phew, Survived!

…that’s what Jerome will be saying to himself following his first post-FOMC press conference as Fed Chair. Not because he’s not confident: he clearly is, and presented himself as such.

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An Unhappy Truce

There’s an unhappy truce at the heart of the market. The Ides of March has passed, the Japanese fiscal year end is almost upon us, and we seem to have survived the February shake down.

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King Dollar

Here comes Larry Kudlow, the former coke addict turned Catholic convert, Bear Stearns banker turned blogger, to replace Gary Cohn as Trump’s top economic advisor. We can be in no doubt about his opinions,

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Spring in His Step

Fiscal Phil delivered his Spring Statement with all the gusto of a man whose other nickname is “Spreadsheet Phil”. In other words, cautious optimism mixed with the driest of wit.

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