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Why Politics Matters

BlondeMoney had a robust debate with a loyal reader on Friday: why did we keep banging on about politics, he wanted to know. Isn’t it all about whether the Fed hikes 3 or 4 times this year?

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Playing Chequers

It’s still early but the first signs from the UK Brexit Committee “away day” to Chequers, the PM’s country retreat, imply that Theresa May has found ‘some kind of unity‘.

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Don’t Fight the Fed… Ignore It

Don’t Fight the Fed… no, better to ignore it.

The Fed Minutes were upbeat, considered hawkish enough to leave the US 10 year just shy of 3%, but with stocks in the red.

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Positions, People

Still we chew the cud over all the developments of the past two weeks. Did higher interest rates scare stock markets, triggering the VIX into a spiral due to esoteric vol products?

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Shadow Boxing

We may be pausing for breath but we are still digesting last week’s events. Whistleblowers are now popping up to say the VIX index is being manipulated by “unethical electronic option market makers”.

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