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What is Priced?

Today Sterling managed to shed almost 1% of its value following the press conferencebetween UK and EU Brexit negotiators Davis and Barnier. The line from Barnier that caused GBP such pain was: “we have reached a state of deadlock which is very disturbing“.

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Deal or No Deal

So now we know. The government is spending money on preparations for a Brexit No Deal scenario – billions will apparently be unlocked after Christmas if no progress is made with the EU.

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DisMayed Redux

Blondemoney would never kick a woman when she was down. Or a man, for that matter. But the response to Theresa May’s speech yesterday suggests a vocal proportion of the public feel otherwise.

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The Only Way is Up

Although yesterday the Martian gave us a lovely and not-at-all-green perspective on why stock markets are at all time highs, the reality is that future expectations should be starting to shift.

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More all time highs for stock markets, and more worries about whether we’re in a bubble or when it’s due to pop. Now, Blondemoney isn’t an equity valuation expert (DCFs and NPVs just don’t float my boat like macroeconomics),

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