Special one-off reports with the lowdown on key market-moving events.

ETFs The BlondeMoney Micro Shot

  • Due to worldwide QE, money has flowed from active into passive money strategies skewing the market
  • As a result, the ETF market has grown to be one-quarter of market capitalisation of the S&P500
  • There are endemic frailties within the ETF market,

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Brexit – The BlondeMoney Shot

Risks that are not being taken into account:

  • New government without a new election.
  • Emerging Market style currency crisis and capital outflows.
  • No Brexit taking place.

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The UK General Election 2017

  • Highly uncertain outcome due to realignment of electorate post financial crisis.
  • Turnout will be key.
  • Increased risk of Disorderly Brexit whatever the outcome

Risks for your portfolio:

  1. Disorderly Brexit risk to increase GBP implied volatility,

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