The Day Today

"The Day Today" - 15 Jan 2015

* India unexpectedly cuts 25bp to 7.75% due to lower inflation, the stock market and the rupee rally

* S Korea cuts its GDP and inflation forecasts by 0.5 pct pts

* Fed Beige Book shows signs of wages increasing

* You know this story by now: Yields on Finland 5yr yield Swiss 7yr turn negative

* Finland emerges as the big protestor against Greece bailout deal

* Carney points out that the Scottish referendum result was a good one given the oil price slide: “It is a negative shock to the Scottish economy,

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"The Day Today" - 12 Jan 2014

ECB QE discussion continues apace, can they come up with a compromise by Jan 22nd:
* Handelsblatt reports that a majority are in favour but at least 7 members remain sceptical (Weidmann and Mersch the main opponents)
* ECB Visco: “The cheap oil is helping the economy,

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