The Day Today

"The Day Today" - 30 Oct 2013

* Moody’s fires warning shot: discussed stripping NZ of AAA rating {fifw NSN MVGXBP6KLVRQ <go>} “Next year’s N.Z. review will use new methodology putting more weight on countries’ external positions”

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"The (Stormy) Day Today" - 28 Oct 2013

Hopefully the storm means you’re not reading this by candlelight, avoiding wayward trees, and praying Boris Johnson delivers decent public transport…

* UK House prices 0.5% MoM / 3.1% YoY from 0.5 / 2.4 prior

* Regulations still perplexing the mkt: Citigroup Currency Staff Work Into Night in London on Dodd-Frank {fifw NSN MVBSMC6VDKHY <go>

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"The Day Today (Friday edition)" - 25 Oct 2013

* UK GDP comes in on consensus expectations +0.8% QoQ / 1.5% YoY. Breakdown:

Construction +2.5%
Manufacturing +0.9%
Services +0.7%
Govt +0.1%
* Carney unveils revamped money market operations: expanding range of collateral and offering money for longer periods on cheaper terms;…

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