The Day Today

"The Day Today" - 12 Feb 2014

* Yellen verdict: Steady as she goes, which means that we can remain calm about higher bond yields. After all, 10yr at 2.7% is simply in the middle of a 6 month range.

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"The Day Today" - 10 Feb 2014

* UK business optimism reached record levels in Jan – BDO annual business trends survey. Last year the same survey showed a 21 year low, so quite a turnaround!

Telegraph: Interest rate increase ‘draws nearer’

* Roger Bootle: Don’t blame the Fed for growth slowdown in emerging markets

* FT: George Soros picks up $5.5bn as Quantum Endowment fund soars

“The challenge will be to trade tactically,” he said….

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"The Day Today" - 6 Feb

So will the ECB deliver something substantial today? It could be a case of buy the rumour sell the fact, as anything they deliver is likely focused on the technicals of bringing down money market rates,…

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