The Day Today

"The Day Today" - 21 Jan 2014

* A reminder that the Fed have started to roll back on their extraordinary stimulus, even if the jobs data did look a little off skew to many… Fed May Cut Bond Buying to $65b,

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"The Day Today" - 20 Jan 2014

* Ireland now ranked investment grade by all 3 credit rating agencies after Moody’s upgrade, thereby removing junk rating of the past 30 months {fifw NSN MZOYEL6JTSE8 <go>}

* Sunday Times: Jobless drop to put Carney on the spot “Bank’s threshold for raising interest rates will be hit within months rather than two years”…

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"The Day Today Friday" - 17 Jan 2014

* BBRG survey: 60% of economists think BOE will change fwd guidance in Feb Inflation Report. One third see the 7% unemployment threshold reached in 1st half of this year,

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