"The Day Today" - 26 March 2015

* Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations launched airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemeni capital San’a

* Fed Lockhart: “Too much can be made of the liftoff decision itself because the really important factor is what’s going to be the interest rate environment for the foreseeable future and to what extent is .

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"The Day Today" - 25 March 2015

* BOE Shafik [doesn’t often speak out, close to Carney] on low oil prices and a high pound: “If you take out those temporary external factors, the underlying core inflation is not that low”

* ECB tells Greek banks not to raise exposure to Greek Govt’s debt


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"The Day Today" - 24 March 2015

* Fed Williams: “by mid-year it will be the time to have a discussion about starting to raise rates” [previously he said ‘serious discussion’!]. “The fact that I’m saying that we should raise interest rates some time this year despite the increase in the dollar says that clearly my view is that the U.S.

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