"The Day Today" - 2 June 2015

Signs the bond bubble is nearing its end?
* Brazil’s Petrobras sells $2.5bn of 100 year bonds, at 8.45% yield. It is the world’s third most indebted non-financial company
* Bill Gross’ Bloomberg keyboard to go on display at the Smithsonian

* Fed

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"The Day Today" - 1 June 2015

* Tsipras writes an editorial in Le Monde accusing the Troika of issuing “absurd demands”. “If some, however, think or want to believe that this decision concerns only Greece,

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"The Day Today" - 28 May 2015

* BOJ accounts reveal they are keeping 25% of their profits as capital against future losses from their QE programme – more than the legally required 5%. Last year they kept aside 20%

* Spain wants the ECB mandate changed so that they are also responsible for curbing “macroeconomic imbalances”

*Lack of liquidity:

  • JPIM trader says .

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