The Day Today

"The (What taper?) Day Today" - 19 Sept

And so the world’s most important central bank blinks. They teed up the market for tapering and then claimed that ‘tightening financial conditions’ meant they have to wait and see.

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"The Day Today" - 17 Sept

FED * WSJ:  Yellen “emerged as the front runner”.. “The process for selecting a nominee isn’t starting over…no new candidates have been added to the mix.. An announcement won’t happen this week” 

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"The (Lehman RIP) Day Today" - 16 Sept

* Summers withdraws from the race to be Fed chairman after key Democrat senators, emboldened by Syria deference to Congress, warn he won’t pass muster {NSN MT7B286JIJUZ <go>} * WSJ: Other candidates aside from Yellen are Kohn,

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