"The Day Today" - 9 Jan 2015

* China PPI falls further into deflation, -3.3% in Dec from -2.7% in Nov

* The ECB already owns 8% of Greek bonds – Coeure yesterday said it would be illegal to restructure this debt

* Fed’s dissenting dove (but now non-voter)

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"The Day Today" - 8 Jan 2015

* Fed’s Evans: “We may not reach inflation target until 2018”

* IMF paper says Fed QE had more impact on Emerging Markets than previous pure interest rate decisions,

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"The Day Today" - 7 Jan 2015

* Dutch newspaper reports ECB looking at 3 options for QE:
1) ECB buys Govts in proportion to their shareholding in the central bank
2) ECB buys only AAA-rated Govts,

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"The Day Today" - 6 Jan 2015

— Stocks vomit, oil falls below $50, and the dollar index rises to a 9 year high – welcome to 2015! —-

* Germany speaks out over Grexit:
– Germany’s deputy FinMin: “Europe can’t afford a Greek exit”.

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