"The Day Today" - 23 September 2014

* Dudley: “If the dollar were to strengthen a lot, it would have consequences for growth” {fifw NSN NCBKKY6TTDT0 <Go>}
And– “I would love to be able to raise interest rates during in my tenure” because the economy is strong enough but “You’ve got to make sure when you start to raise interest rates,

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"The Fed Day Today" - 17 September 2014

* “Considerable time” will remain but with ‘a significant change to the statement that sets up its eventual departure’: FT’s Robin Harding
* Hilsenrath agrees: keep it but add ‘the strong qualification that this could change if the job market keeps improving…’Fed officials haven’t forgotten last year’s “taper tantrum”

* Survation 52/48 NO
* Opinium 52/48 NO
* ‘Walk .

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"The Day Today" - 16 September 2014

* China’s poor data continues as FDI slides to a 4 year low

* G20 FinMin meeting this wkend ‘will discuss possible emergence of asset price adjustments from rising interest rates’ {fifw NSN NBZAWP6JTSEA <go>}
* After the recent depreciation in the yen,

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