"The Day Today" - 10 September 2014

* Although no PMQs today as the party leaders head to Scotland to save the Union, there is the Tsy Select Cttee at 14:45 with Carney, Shafik, Weale and Miles
* Axa IM estimate a “Yes” vote would cut 0.75 pct pts off growth
* The WSJ view on Scotland,

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"The Day Today" - 9 September 2014

* TNS poll confirms that the gap is narrowing, a month ago they had “No” in a 6pt lead: “No” lead by 1 pt, 39 v 38, 23% undecided
* Telegraph front page: ‘The Queen is urged to intervne’
* Let battle commence – expect more headlines like these: ‘Scottish homeowners face mortgage meltdown if Yes campaign wins’
* Extent of the shock: Stephen Jen .

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"The Day Today" - 8 September 2014

Sterling down ~1% vs the dollar, EUR/GBP 1mth vol now 9.0 mid:
* ‘Plans to devolve more powers to Scotland if it stays in the UK will be unveiled within days after a shock poll put the Yes camp in the lead for the first time in advance of the referendum on independence on September 18.

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