"The Day Today" - 24 April 2015

* Greece: Tsipras: “We have covered a large part of the distance”; Merkel: “Everything must be undertaken to prevent that [Greece running out of cash]”

* China’s economic planning agency says China will increase the frequency of monetary policy adjustments

* Capital continues to

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"The St George’s Day Today" - 23 April 2015

* RBNZ McDermott: “At present, the Bank is not considering any increase in interest rates… Before considering any tightening in monetary policy we would need to be confident that increased capacity utilisation and labour market tightness was generating,

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"The Day Today" - 22 April 2015

* Euribor fixes in negative territory for the first time, meaning banks are getting paid to borrow money from other banks

* ‘Sources’ say the ECB is demanding larger haircuts on collateral posted with them by Greek banks

* Varoufakis “the convergence is .

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"The Day Today" - 21 April 2015

* Fed’s Dudley “timing of normalization remains uncertain because how the economy evolves is also uncertain” he also said they acknowledge that there maybe EM fall out from a US rate rise and they take this into account

* Fed’s Rosengren wants a debate on “whether we have set the inflation targets too low”

* BoC’s .

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