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"The Day Today" - 20 Feb 2015

* ECB to tell Greek banks to reduce their holdings of Greek bonds if talks break down so they are not left holding illiquid assets, ‘sources’ told Bloomberg * German deputy FinMin: “The examples of Spain, Ireland and Portugal…show that it’s possible to pursue far-reaching structural reforms and, at the same time, cut public ….

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"Who are you going to believe?"

Compare and contrast – Last night’s Fed Minutes from the Jan 27-28 meeting: ‘Many participants indicated that their assessment of the balance of risks associated with the timing of the beginning of policy normalization had inclined them toward keeping the federal funds rate at its effective lower bound for a longer time.’ Fed’s Williams interview…

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"The Day Today" - 19 Feb 2015

* ECB give Greece an extra 3.3bn EUR in ELA, to be reviewed in 2 weeks * Fed Minutes: prefer to keep rates lower for longer (Hilsenrath), and dollar strength “expected to be a . . . To read this article, please log in or sign up to one of our subscription packages. LOG IN…

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