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"The Week That Will Be (" - 16th May 2021)

1. BOE Forget the speeches from Haldane, Vlieghe and Tenreyro (Monday). The first two are leaving and the last is on the roster for picking up a (well-deserved) prize. Much more important will be the appearance of loyal triumvirate Bailey, Broadbent and Ramsden in front of the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee on Tuesday. This is the…

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"The Jigsaw Puzzle"

Economic data is usually pieced together to understand where we are in the economic cycle. Decades of booms and busts have conditioned us to draw inferences from the patterns in this data, as if several pieces of blue signalled our jigsaw puzzle will eventually feature a cloudless sky. But then along came the pandemic and…

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"The Day Today" - 13th May 2021

Fed Clarida on the latest inflation number “I was surprised” but “we need to recognise that there’s a fair amount of noise right now” The Colonial pipeline resumed operations yesterday

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