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Let Me Read You a Bedtime Story

‘Twas the morning of payrolls, a time to switch off the screens and settle into a comfy chair with a warm mug of tea. Your mind has been full of trade wars and technical laws; the noise of markets as deafening as it has been uncomfortably inexplicable. It’s not just in your mind. The year…

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The Price Isn’t Right

Come on down, ladies and gentleman, for another round of The Price Is Right! Except, it’s not. Leslie Crowther was lying to you (or if you’re in the US, Bob Barker). Leslie: Now, Ken, do you think the VIX at 17 means the stock market is going higher or lower? Ken: Um, higher, I think, Leslie? L:…

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The Revolution Begins Part 2

Dusted ourselves down and carrying on, are we? BlondeMoney has taken your temperature and this is why you’re saying that the inverse-Vol product blow-up of Monday night doesn’t really matter: It was an esoteric product with hardly any AUM Caveat emptor, if you buy something and don’t read the prospectus, more fool you We all…

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Helen Thomas CFA

Helen Thomas CFA has almost two decades of experience working in financial markets for banks and fund managers. Most recently she was Head of Currency Alpha at SSGA. She was also an adviser to the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne and Director of the Financial Markets Reform Programme at Policy Exchange. She’s a Board Member of CFA UK and a Freeman of the City of London.

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