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The Week That Will Be (12 January 2020)

This week we will find out:

  • Who is winning the Trade Wars? – China Trade Balance (Tues) ahead of US/China sign Phase One Deal (Weds), EU Trade Commissioner visits US (Thurs)
  • How are the markets doing? – Earnings from BlackRock (Weds) and US investment banks (JPM Tues / GS Weds / MS Thurs)…
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    2020: Let’s Do This

    1. Fed cuts rates to 0.0-0.25%. The “Fed Listens” strategic review gives them the opportunity to overhaul their framework – and now they want to run the economy hot.
    2. Canada cuts rates below 1%. With growth floundering, the BoC need to catch up with the stimulus enacted by their southern neighbour. A new governor mid-2020…

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    CEO Lagarde

    ++ Steady as she goes until the Strategic Review is complete. Watch Philip Lane for monetary cues ++

    • “I’m neither a dove nor a hawk. My ambition is to be this owl”
      • She will start in neutral. Consult widely.
      • But when she takes the decision, she will have picked a…
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