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Hi, I’m Helen

I’ve worked in financial markets for over 15 years, for a mixture of banks and fund managers. Most recently I’ve been a partner at a global macro hedge fund. I’ve also worked in politics, as an adviser to former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, so inevitably my next career choice must be an estate agent.

Helen Thomas

Latest Sensible Market Commentary

No Surrender! Oh, wait…

And so, an agreement is reached, to move onto talking about an agreement, which might never be agreed. Here’s the lowdown on today’s agreement that the UK has made ‘sufficient progress’ to move onto Phase 2 Trade Talks with the EU: NI/RoI will retain soft border ECJ will have a say over the rights of…

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Can (Northern) Ireland derail Brexit?

++ The BM Lowdown on the current Brexit flashpoint: Either: The people of Northern Ireland accept a hard border. Or: The UK government accept the entire UK remains in the EU Customs Union (like Turkey, without free movement of labour). Ultimately, the UK government does not fall ++ As expected, the island of Ireland has indeed…

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Could Ireland derail Brexit?

When a market can’t judge, it can’t price. This means the latest news about Ireland and its border with the UK is being shrugged off. Even though it could entirely up-end the “sufficient progress” the EU requires for negotiations to continue. But never fear! BlondeMoney is here to explain all, in collaboration with our correspondent…

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