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Hi, I’m Helen

I’ve worked in financial markets for over 15 years, for a mixture of banks and fund managers. Most recently I’ve been a partner at a global macro hedge fund. I’ve also worked in politics, as an adviser to former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, so inevitably my next career choice must be an estate agent.

Helen Thomas

Latest Sensible Market Commentary


Well hasn’t this new year just started with an overflow of euphoria? The best start to the year for Global Stock Markets since 2006! As this chart shows, it was only two years ago that we were lamenting the absolute worst start to the year for stock markets ever. So we’ve gone from worst ever…

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DM becomes EM

Take a little quiz with me, will you? Here is a chart of current account deficits, courtesy of the IMF. The purple line is the European Union; the dark red, with the biggest spike, is EM and developing economies. The EU has been steadily improving; EM countries have deteriorated but are still in surplus. Which…

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No Surrender! Oh, wait…

And so, an agreement is reached, to move onto talking about an agreement, which might never be agreed. Here’s the lowdown on today’s agreement that the UK has made ‘sufficient progress’ to move onto Phase 2 Trade Talks with the EU: NI/RoI will retain soft border ECJ will have a say over the rights of…

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