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Hi, I’m Helen

I’ve worked in financial markets for over 15 years, for a mixture of banks and fund managers. Most recently I’ve been a partner at a global macro hedge fund. I’ve also worked in politics, as an adviser to former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, so inevitably my next career choice must be an estate agent.

Helen Thomas

Latest Sensible Market Commentary

Not all Tapers are Created Equal

Much head scratching and teeth gnashing after the Euro staged a significant rally out of thin air yesterday. Sure, it was kicked off by stellar German GDP and confidence data but that was offset by lower Spanish core inflation, but the bid in the Euro lasted persistently throughout the European day. Every single hour saw…

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Let’s look back seven centuries shall we?

With the market currently pricing a continuation of cheap money forever, it might be helpful to see what forever used to look like. The BOE have just produced a nice Working Paper and accompanying blog post, which usefully show us that that lower interest rates have been a seven centuries old trend: Our current levels of…

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Beware the Mouse

ECB day, and all through the house, no creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Yes, today is supposed to be the day that the unexpected QE junkies at the European Central Bank hit the off switch and go cold turkey. Well, switch to methadone perhaps. After all, they are expected to continue with their…

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