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The Day Today 20 Jan 2015

* China data better than expected – the stock market rallies from the 7% loss of the previous trading day:
Q4 GDP 7.3% vs 7.2% exp
Dec Retail Sales 11.9% YoY vs 11.7 exp
Dec IP 7.9% vs 7.4 exp
Dec Fixed Asset Invmt 15.7% vs 15.7 exp

* France’s Hollande lets the cat out of the bag,

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The Day Today 13 Jan 2014

* ECB Nowotny confirms that the debate is all about whether national central banks should bear the risk of the QE purchases, or should it be shared amongst Eurozone members
* ECB Noyer: “In my view,

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The Day Today 7 Jan 2015

* Dutch newspaper reports ECB looking at 3 options for QE:
1) ECB buys Govts in proportion to their shareholding in the central bank
2) ECB buys only AAA-rated Govts,

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UK political risk isn’t going away

Take note of the comments yesterday from Gus O’Donnell, the former head of the civil service (and known, not unsurprisingly, by his initials as GOD):

“People should be ready for the fact that it might take rather longer to form a government than the five days last time,”

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